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Christy Fritz
Fritz Brothers Guitars--making you sound better than you are

Photo by Loren Hammer (415) 729-0727

This is one of my favorite ways to describe my husband Roger’s guitars. I can't begin to tell you how many players tell me this. Great players, wannabees, and just-beginners...they all let me know: "Fritz Brothers Guitars--making you sound better than you are."

Why I play a Fritz Brothers Guitar:
Besides the obvious, there are very practical reasons.

Let’s talk multitasking! My daily routine includes keeping up with the orders and bills, daily production scheduling, playing and singing with our party band, Rogerwood, filming and co-producing Guitar Time, our reality-based television show and creating oil paintings for some of the great folks who visit Mendo and want to bring it home with them. Oh yes, all this while keeping up with and home-schooling our two wonderful children, Emerson, 5 and Greta, 2 (see brag below).

So you can see there’s almost no time to practice, yet it never fails; when I'm playing one of Roger’s guitars, I always get comments from our fans on how I must have been wood-shedding for hours. I'm afraid that’s usually not the case but I appreciate the compliments. My Fritz Brothers Guitar lets me sound excellent while not having to spend the time making it so.

My favorite guitar is the Super Deluxe, in Bel-AIr blue of course (fashion first), and the marvelously fat-sounding Fritz Bros. Bass. The Rolling Stones needed a unique sounding guitar the last time they blew around, and since hand-made guitars don’t grow on trees, the Stones got mine - my replacement is still on the bench. Until Rog catches up, I'm now playing the Rat Bastard, our newest electric model with incredible playability and a tone with a bite Dracula would envy.

Roger was born to build guitars! It's the life he eats, sleeps and plays. He puts his heart and soul into every instrument. I could not begin to tell you the hours he spends on every piece--more than he could ever be compensated for. But it's what he loves and brings to the world. We were so blessed to be able to move his shop here from Nashville and start anew in this heavenly place. I'm blessed to be able to have Rog’s factory right here on the land we live on. It’s all about family, and ours, thank God, is a wonderful one.

How We Met:
Roger and I met in 1999. He was working with Shelby Lynn and recording at Bill Bottrell studios. They took a break and came to the "The Caspar Inn" where my band "Frida’s Circus," was playing. Later, Bill produced Frida's Circus’ “Blue House” album. Two kids later, the rest is History.

The Kids:
Emerson Fritz, 5: Our first born, Actor, Musician, Playwright and Designer. The world follows him around. Emerson has inspired a new line of guitars called "Fritz Kids" He designed and works everyday with his Dad in building his first electric guitar, the King Kong, which will soon be available to you all. He designed the King Kong and Empire State Buitlding logos on it. His Dad is making sure it is going to have the best sounding pickups that his friend Seymore Duncan can build.

“Greta the Great” Fritz, 2, our second blessing: Musician, Architect, Singer, Screamer, Beauty Queen, Mommy and Daddy's girl.

Give Us a Call!

If you call the Fritz Brother’s shop (707-937-6060), I'm usually here and will be glad to assist you with any information you require. Thank you!

Christy Fritz

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