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Mendocino Magic--why I moved here.

In 1999, Fritz Brothers Guitars relocated to the village of Albion in Mendocino County, about as far away from Nashville TN. as you can get on all fronts, and here's why.
I came here first as a musician and engineer for Shelby Lynn's "I am Shelby Lynn,"(which won her a Grammy), produced by multi-million selling producer Bill Bottrell. Instantly I fell in love with everything about this place! Let me tell you more.

For me it was love at first sight. I knew I would spend the rest of my life here in this wonderful place where everything is possible. I know that this sounds like a Disney movie, but what can I say? It all comes together right here, everyday, in every way, on the Mendocino coast.

the best instruments
come from contented luthiers

The Vibe:
Hopefully this has happened to you: you come to a place for the first time and notice that all of a sudden you feel different. Something in the crisp clean air seeps into your skin and right on through to the you only you know.

The Reality:
When you come to the Mendo Coast for the first time, you come to history, romance, adventure and nature’s finest offerings. You’re already familiar with this if you've seen "East of Eden," with James Dean, or "Racing with the Moon", "the Majestic", "the Russians are Coming," and of course, “Murder She Wrote." But the personal experience is so much more.
The air here is incredibly clean, flowing in directly off the ocean, filtered through our North Coast Rainforest of giant redwoods and their supporting cast of trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses. (Yes it's a true rainforest without the fear of having your head shrunk.)

They say that beauty is skin deep. Mendo must have some very thick skin because everywhere you look is a cornucopia of color, grace, and majesty that consistently borders on spectacular.

It's all here: from fireside tales of the first Native Americans to the conflict between the Spanish and Russians to the Gold rush of logging, and on in to the 20th century and the discovery of this wonderland as the country moved west.

If you and your special someone don't find it here, it can't be found. Mendo's rugged seaside cliffs, flowering hills, and charming cottages are reminiscent of New England and lend themselves to quiet walks on cool beaches, soft talks by the crackling fires, and tender touches as the sun dips into the Pacific.
I guess I should mention that Mendo can accommodate just about every budget and lifestyle. We run the gamut from luxury hotels and four star restaurants to camping and cooking hot dogs on an open flame.

Here are some places for you to consider:
Albion Campground and Restaurant
Pacific Mist and Cabins (fireplaces)
Albion River Inn and Restaurant
The Ledford House for dining and music
The Caspar Inn for lodging and music
Don’t forget to touch base with our Chamber of Commerce for the whole story.

When you come to visit Fritz Brothers Guitars, it's good to know that there is so much more in store for you. I hope you can see for yourself someday why I love Mendo and how hand crafting your guitar here ensures the finest product you'll ever play.
Remember, the best instruments come from contented luthiers.

Please call for a tour—we offer them by appointment only.

Christy Fritz


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