Fritz Brothers Guitars

Hand Crafted Custom Guitars

We're Now in Fairhope, Alabama

Fritz Brothers Guitars is located in Fairhope Alabama. We are a small manufacturer of high-end electric guitars and basses as well as several acoustic models. We mill our own patented hardware from stainless steel and build pickups for the electrics. We have a large supply of exotic hardwood and rare tone woods. All facets of manufacturing are done in our shop, including finishing. We use vintage style nitro lacquer on the acoustic instruments and the necks of the electric instruments. Our goal is to achieve a higher level of craftsmanship with each instrument we make. We  are your destination for high quality handmade custom guitars.

What does the term hand-made really mean?

At Fritz Brothers, it means we virtually do it all except grow the trees and melt the steel. We select and cut all the rare woods necessary for truly unique sounds and handcraft our patented stainless steel hardware that we incorporate into every piece. These are true high quality handmade custom guitars.

Kay Guitars

The Kay Guitar Company have been asked for years by players and collectors to reissue the 1950’s and 1960’s vintage instruments. In the last couple of years all the pieces have converged to produce the first of many of these unique instruments. Roger Fritz was the missing link that was needed to make the project a reality, a Luthier that had a love for the instruments to be produced. Roger joined the Kay team in early 2007 to help create and develop all the parts and features that made the Kay products different from all the rest.

kay electric guitars

Custom Orders

Make it one of a kind

Custom orders fall into two categories:

1. A completely custom made instrument.
2. Modifications made to one of our existing models.

The wait for a completely custom made guitar is around eight months to one year.

Wait time for a standard model, with minimal modifications, is around two to three months.
All orders for custom guitars require a 50% deposit, and sales are final after a 48 hr. customer testing period.