Our Quality Commitment

Our Quality Commitment

Hand Made

Each of my guitars is hand-made by me from the bottom up. There is no assembly line. Each piece is a labor of love.

What does the term hand-made really mean? At Fritz Brothers, it means we virtually do it all except grow the trees and melt the steel. We select and cut all the rare woods necessary for truly unique sounds and handcraft our patented stainless steel hardware that we incorporate into every piece.

My good friend, the famous Seymour Duncan, makes our pickups according to Fritz Bros. standards so that we can ensure unwavering tone and volume across the entire fret board. Hand-winding is available, but unfortunately is a bit more expensive. You’ll notice from the specs for each model that we focus on trying to do it all in-house.

Each guitar, regardless of the model, is constructed to incredibly exact specifications, down to 1/1000 of an inch. I cannot tell you how important this is to the final product! In addition, all our materials are hand-selected, with over thirty-five years of knowledge and experience in the important qualities of density, resonance, response, playability and durability. We put them all together to produce the fat, brilliant sound that has become our trademark.

The Sound

Years ago we set our sights on producing world-class instruments that feature the very best qualities for electric and acoustic guitars. We strived for excellence in live performance and studio perfection. Many have told us that Fritz Brothers guitars have achieved those goals and “make you sound better than you are”. The acoustics are brilliant yet subtle, the electrics have a depth and an edge both pickers and producers love. The action – smooth as silk!

My offer is a simple one: Call me and we’ll work together to produce an instrument I guarantee you’ll cherish for life. 707-937-6060.

Roger Fritz