Fritz Bros. Players

Fritz Bros. Guitar Players

making guitars for many well respected musicians
Bill Bottrell
Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)
Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones, Miles Davis)
Eddie Duran
Gary Moore
George Harrison (video)
Jody Payne (The Willie Nelson Band)
Keith Richards
Randy Jackson
Roy Buchanan (video)
Steve Cropper

When Fritz Bros first opened in 1988, Roy Buchanan, the legendary guitarist, was our partner. He was tragically killed soon after the initial marketing of the Roy Buchanan signature “Bluesmaster” guitar. This was a great loss not only to us but to his family and the world of music.

Fortunately, he left behind a great musical legacy and was admired by many fellow musicians who supported our endeavors as guitar makers.

We have had the privilege of making guitars for many well respected musicians throughout our history, including the greatest of all time, George Harrison.

We hope to carry that memory of greatness into our craft and into the future of Fritz Bros Guitars.